Inurtia Health

Healing mind, body and soul


Need to get away from stress and busy lifestyle? Enjoy our head to toe massage surrounded with beautiful nature in earth meditation dome.

Get your pain relief with deeper massage to get into your knots and stored emotions. You can yell, cry or laugh.. anything that helps you get trough but don't forget to BREATH. 

Not only your feet but whole body will be grateful. Did you know that foot massage is not only good for relaxation but also help to improve general health and energy flow, helps to improve internal organs, helps with headaches and migraines, improve mood - less anxiety and lower blood pressure, reduces effects of edema in pregnant women etc.

Using only natural organic fresh fruit and plants from the farm prepared fresh before treatment.   

1 hour $50
1.5 hours $70

1 hour $65
1.5 hours $90

Not available ATM

Not available ATM