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Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey...
First time we met in January 2015 but we were both too shy so we didn't talk to much. Not long after around Valentines day we both went to vegan singles party and there is where our story begun. As we talked we discovered same passions and desires...we fall in love, we work together with vegan food, mobile massages.. but than Janja (Yanya) had to leave the country and it was hard for both of us. We haven't gave up on each other but rather we have grown so much and some invisible power drew us back together. I'm not saying now everything is perfect, there are still up's and down's and still a lot of childhood injuries and addictions we need to deal with. It's important for us to learn everyday, grow everyday and follow our passions and desires. We both are sober last 5, 6 years as we know that this keeps us present and in our bodies, as well like being away from any other drugs which also include coffee and chocolate. All this addictions keeps us away from us and our emotion which later leads to different diseases and pains in our body. We don't say its easy but when you have a desire and want to fix things and you find out cause and deal with those addictions will automatically disappear. We are far far away from being perfect but we have some knowledge and we work on it and really want to help you as well.  
So..We both like to make and eat :-) delicious vegan food and give massages. Also Jadda is a yoga teacher.  As we combine those three things with our knowledge about emotions and childhood injuries there came idea we also want to help people and teach them about healthy lifestyle through retreats. To teach how important is to feel your emotions and be yourself, connect with God, discover what you love doing in life, eat healthy food and stay active.

Who are we?